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Dr Durai Ravi is a consultant general, laparoscopic and laser surgeon in RA Puram, Chennai. He specialises in general, laparoscopic, minimal access, endoscopic and laser surgery with a rich experience of 12 years. He graduated from the prestigious Rajah Muthiah Medical College, Chidambaram, and was awarded fellowships in Endoscopic and laparoscopic surgeries:

  • Endoscopic Fellowship in Indian association of Gastrointestinal Endo surgeons(EFIAGES)
  • Fellowship in Indian association of Gastrointestinal Endo surgeons(FIAGES)
  • Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery(FMAS)
  • Fellow of American College of Surgeons(FACS)(USA)
  • Fellow in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery(FALS)

He has a good academic track record with publications in Surgical Endoscopy and has presented papers at conferences. He started his career as a teaching faculty for undergraduate and post graduate surgical trainees and has also worked in various corporate hospitals in Chennai under the guidance of eminent doctors in the field of surgery. He has performed and assisted more than 1000 surgeries and also practising as an individual consultant in corporate hospitals in Chennai.


What people say About Dr. Durai Ravi

Sagarika BanikSagarika Banik
07:03 17 Aug 23
The treatment given by Dr. Durai Ravi was very helpful. My injury got recovered very fast with minimal medicines and proper treatment. Doctor gave the confidence of not being worried and was very cooperative. He kept the patience to hear our all queries and make the process of treatment smoother.
Kala KrishnaswamiKala Krishnaswami
13:42 19 Jul 23
Excellent care given by Dr.Durai Ravi is worth mentioning. He treated and treating my husband with utmost perfection.He is very friendly and knowledgeable. With my eyes closed I follow his advice.Till date my husband is getting the best treatment. He goes out of the way to help his patient.God be with you Dr.Durai Ravi in all your endeavors.
Suresh UdayagiriSuresh Udayagiri
14:23 13 Jun 23
More interactive and caring person
Manodh CvManodh Cv
14:58 19 Mar 23
Tamilarasan krishnanTamilarasan krishnan
09:11 17 Mar 23
Durai sir having expertise in surgery, but as human he is excellent. May god bless him so he may continue in service of mankind.


How does Dr. Durai stands out as the best laser laparoscopic surgeon in RA Puram, Chennai?

Dr. Durai is one of the best laser laparoscopic surgeon in RA Puram, Chennai, as he has extensive experience and successful track record. His advanced skills in minimally invasive techniques ensure faster recovery and minimal scarring. Patients trust his precision, compassionate care, and dedication to delivering optimal surgical outcomes.

Who is the best and most trusted laparoscopic surgeon in RA Puram?

Dr. Durai is renowned as the best laser laparoscopic surgeon in RA Puram, for his expertise and patient trust. With extensive experience and advanced techniques, Dr. Durai ensures top-notch care and successful outcomes. Trusted by the community, Dr. Durai excels in minimally invasive surgery, prioritizing patient comfort and recovery.

How long does it typically take to recover from laser laparoscopic surgery?

Recovery time from laser laparoscopic surgery varies but typically spans 1-2 weeks for most patients. Factors like individual health, procedure complexity, and adherence to post-operative care influence recovery. Consult a skilled laser laparoscopic surgeon in RA Puram for personalized guidance on your recovery journey.